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(Credit: Alexa Viscius)


Big Thief perform ‘Simulation Swarm’ live on Colbert


Hot off the release of their new album, the elaborately titled, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You, Big Thief took to the Late Show stage to give some of their new material its TV debut.

Big Thief appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert On Tuesday night (March 1st) in support of their new album, filming the set remotely from their practice room, where the group offered up renditions of one of the album’s most stunning tracks, ‘Simulation Swarm’.

Combining oblique jazz harmony, irregular time signatures, and dense, honey-dew textures, ‘Simulation Swarm’ sees Big Thief take their sound into darker sonic territory than ever before. There is no lush, finger-picking Americana here; only an undulating subterranean dread.

Initially, Big Thief’s performance emerges with a clumsy gait, wobbling into the frame with the metrically obscure click of James Krivchenia’s snare. However, it’s not long before we are reminded that this sort of subtle rhythmic trickery has been an essential part of Big Theif’s sonic world since the release of 2019’s U.F.O.F. As braided guitar lines gather around Adrianne Lenker’s tentative vocals, ‘Simulation Swarm’ quickly transforms into a pearlescent swirl of texture.

Comprised of 20 tracks, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You is the double album Big Thief fans have been waiting for. In support of the release, the band are currently in England, performing three shows in London throughout March before embarking on a North American tour beginning in April. You can find your tickets here.

Those of you who are unable to make one of the upcoming live shows, cease your quibbles. Big Thief have also revealed a one-off live stream taking place Thursday, March 17th on Drift. Tickets are $15 each and are on sale now.