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Credit: Hotel Lux


Hotel Lux share 'Eddie's Gaff' a song about wasting your life away


Hotel Lux have shared a brand new taste of their upcoming EP, Barstool Preaching, with the ‘morning after’ reflection, ‘Eddie’s Gaff’. It’s a look back at simpler times and is our Track of the Day.

Last year saw Hotel Lux share the first cut of their EP, the brilliant ‘Tabloid Newspaper’, which took a swing at British media. The new song, ‘Eddie’s Gaff’ is a little more reflective.

On ‘Eddie’s Gaff’ the band are looking back on the night before as they struggle with the painful sunshine baking their hangover. It’s a tripping and gleeful indie number twisted with the nostalgia of a misspent youth.

Frontman Lewis Duffin describes the track as ​“a nostalgic tune about the early days in London. First year at uni and knocking about South with new pals. Simpler times. Wasting our lives away..”

It’s an instantaneous charmer as it sends one’s thoughts back to the days, weeks and months joyfully thrown away on adolescent hedonism. The EP Barstool Preaching arrives via Nice Swan Records on 24th April.

For now, get the swinging, beer-swilling sing-a-long into your ears and remember your salad days.

Barstool Preaching Tracklisting:

  1. Tabloid Newspaper
  2. Eddie’s Gaff
  3. Charades
  4. The Loneliness Of The Stage Performer
  5. Ballad Of You & I