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Credit: Hotel Lux


Hotel Lux have a big swing at the British media on new cut 'Tabloid Newspaper'


Pow, pow, pow! Hotel Lux aren’t holding back on their latest single, ‘Tabloid Newspaper’. They take aim at the British Media and themselves and hit the target with every note. It’s today’s Track of the Day.

The Portsmouth via London band has been busy themselves creating a debut EP for us all to get down our gullets and the first morsel being flung our way is the brilliant ‘Tabloid Newspaper’ – the first single from the aforementioned release on Nice Swan Records.

The track is pure sardonic joy, Lewis Duffin on vocals allows himself to fall into the realms of Paul Daniels a la ‘Parklife’ as he recites a set of clever lyrics about his inability to write clever lyrics, likening his process as to that of a tabloid newspaper.

After reeling off all the awful things that tabloid newspapers do under the guise of journalism, the music that backs the spoken-word lyrics is some glorious pub fodder. While many may be upset with such a setting for the sound, it’s a testament to the band’s innate camaraderie – something only the best bands have – which is shared and enjoyed across ‘Tabloid Newspaper’. Britpop bravado with a touch of post-punk sensibility is always a winner with us.

The band told Line of Best Fit: “That old saying of the journo’s cut, paste and twist is the same in songwriting. Just no-one admits it. These three verses and a silly chorus are a confession.”

Listen below to Track of the Day, Hotel Lux’s ‘Tabloid Newspaper’