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Festival Preview: Horst Arts & Music Festival 2019, Vilvoorde, Belgium

Have you ever been to a festival inside power plant looking like cooling towers? Very likely your answer is NO. Well at Horst Arts & Music Festival 2019 you have this awesome opportunity! Yes, it’s not a joke. Horst will take place at the former ASIAT military site, located in Vilvoorde (north of Brussels), and encompasses six hectares of urban space, over twenty warehouses and two iconic cooling towers as a backdrop.

Building on the past experience of the last five years, the festival widens its offer with a cutting-edge lab, an exhibition with a new in-situ artwork and an immersive three-day Festival, from the 13th to the 15th of September, coloured by many DJs all eager to perform their live sets. Thanks to these initiatives, the organisers aim to bring together young creative talent and positively impact spaces and cities, by successfully combining art and music as catalysts.

Horst Arts & Music Festival Line-Up

Friday 13.09

AliA – Call Super – Ceephax Acid Crew (live) – Céline Gillain (live) – Chris Ferreira – D.K. – Eris Drew – Fred P – Hill Men – Identified Patient – mad miran – Mama Snake – Marcel Dettmann – Nosedrip – Objekt – Shanti Celeste – Sherelle – Veronica Vasicka – Victor De Roo

Saturday 14.09

Aroh – Bjeor – Budino – Craig Richards – Deena Abdelwahed – DJ Nomad – Gabber Eleganza ‘The Hakke Show’ – Golin (live) – Hantrax – Invisible City – Joy Orbison – Lawrence Le Doux – Loud-E – Luca Lozano – Mall Grab – Oceanic (live) – Paquita Gordon – SPFDJ – Tama Sumo – upsammy – Walrus Weird Dust (live)

Sunday 15.09

Bambounou – DJ Bus Replacement Service – DTM Funk — Gay Haze DJ’s – Gesloten Cirkel (live) – Giant Swan (live) – Jakob – John Talabot – Josey Rebelle – Lafawndah (live) – Lauren Hansom – Mark Du Mosch – Mattheis (live) – Motor City Drum Ensemble – Orpheu The Wizard – Otis – Peach – Placid One – Simo Cell

Far Out says don’t miss…

Marcel Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann is perhaps one of the most known and influential techno DJ and producer. From former Eastern Germany, he gained experience as a local DJ to the point of becoming the resident of the legendary Berghain nightclub. His music was initially influenced by new wave, post-punk and industrial music while since late ’90s the sound became incredibly firm, complete and, why not, angry. If you pass by the Berlin based record shop ‘Hard Wax’ you might see him behind the counter.

Can’t wait seeing him live.

Gabber Eleganza

Gabber Eleganza, moniker for Alberto Guerrini is firstly a blog that simply wanted to collect and pour on his Tumblr the largest possible amount of material related to the gabber subculture. The leap forward to djing was a natural step not only for a personal passion but above all to deepen and spread the genuine perspective (i.e let’s dance and have fun) of a youth movement — during the mid ’90s especially in the Netherlands — that has always been mostly disliked, misunderstood.

John Talabot

Catalan DJ and producer John Talabot is one of the masters of electronica and leftfield house. After playing as a resident DJ in Barcelona with a different moniker, his debut album in 2012 fIN received a wonderful appreciation. The year after, he released a dj-Kicks under Studio !K7 label, that appointed him as one of the most promising DJs in the electronic scene.

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Many things can be said about Danilo Plessow, aka Motor City Drum Ensemble. Hardly, in 2019 he can still be considered as a not-so-known talent. His style is simultaneously retro and futuristic. The German artist distinguished himself as a producer and DJ for at least ten years and has been in demand for at least four or five years at the most famous festivals and clubs in the world and is recognised as one of the most talented figures on the scene.

Craig Richards

Veteran tech-house DJ and producer Craig Richards plugged himself into the UK club scene as an organiser and promoter. He settled in at London’s Fabric club, where he established himself as a director of music programming and a resident DJ. This said, Craig Richards looks like a charismatic professor more than a DJ. With his flowered shirt, sunglasses, he gives the impression of being able to stretch every thought to infinity. No matter how trivial or misplaced the question, Richards will always find the right track to start an argument, accumulate unpredictable thoughts, anecdotes and suggestions.

Where/When/How Much?

Horst event will take place in the former ASIAT military site in North Vilvoorde, just a few kilometers outside Brussels. The festival lasts for three days from the 13th to the 15th of September. However, for those interested in the Exhibition, this one began on 14th of July whereas the Labs will occur until 28th of August.

Horst Arts & Music festival day tickets accounts for €48 or three-day tickets for €118. Additional formulas also include camping accommodation and brunches. More information on tickets purchasing is here.

What you need to know:

The industrial architecture of the former military site is without a doubt the main component for a mesmerising atmosphere. This music festival, like in the previous editions, will be able to deliver unique ambience with its four stages and dancefloors.

Moreover, carless attendees can also opt to travel to and from the festival, by train and shuttle bus, which are the easiest ways to reach the festival. More info on this can be found in the dedicated FAQ page.

For those ones that do not care only about the music, it’s worth to have more than a look at the exhibition. Tours are organised every Saturday and Sunday and they start at 15:00 and are freely accessible. Not to forget that Resident Advisor features Horst Arts & Music festival as one of the best 10 unmissable festivals during September 2019.

If you only do one thing while you’re there…

Then you need to consider wander around and lose yourself in the mazes of the site. Jump here and there in the various areas of the festival, admire the industrial atmosphere combined with cutting-edge electronic music and inventive in-situ artworks.