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Experimental post-punk band Xiu Xiu perform the music from David Lynch’s 'Twin Peaks'


For fans of David Lynch and Mark Frost, the soundtrack to their iconic mystery horror drama television series is almost as important as the show itself.

Composed by Angelo Badalamenti and released on September 11, 1990, by Warner Bros. Records, the official soundtrack has become synonymous wit the programme and its cult following.

Lynch himself worked closely with Badalamenti on the soundtrack, co-producing the subsequent record and writing large portions of the lyrics. Such was its success on the show, the soundtrack was released to the public and charted in the top ten around the world. In fact, ‘Twin Peaks Theme‘ ended up receiving the award for ‘Best Pop Instrumental Performance’ at 33rd Annual Grammy Awards.

For years musicians have cited Lynch’s work as a reference point, taking inspiration from the arrangement and production of some of the tracks. For one band, American post-punk outfit Xiu Xiu, their inspiration became literal when they performed their interpretation of the soundtrack live.

“The music of Twin Peaks is everything that we aspire to as musicians and is everything that we want to listen to as music fans,” Xiu Xiu frontman Jamie Stewart once said of the soundtrack.

He added: “It is romantic, it is terrifying, it is beautiful, it is unnervingly sexual. The idea of holding the ‘purity’ of the 1950s up to the cold light of a violent moon and exposing the skull beneath the frozen, worried smile has been a stunning influence on us.”

Eventually, given its popularity, the band released their version on an official record titled Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks. Released exclusively as a Record Store Day special, the band also shared two music videos for the tracks ‘Into the Night’ and ‘Nightsea Wind’ which were directed by Diego Barrera.

Below, you can find footage of the official videos, full album and live performances: