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(Credit: Reuben Bastienne-Lewis)


Horsey and King Krule team up for 'Seahorse'

Horsey ft. King Krule - 'Seahorse'

South London indie heads Horsey have teamed up with friend and tour mate King Krule for their latest single, the slow-burning ‘Seahorse’. The song will be the closing track to Horsey’s upcoming debut album, Debonair.

There’s one particular guitar line that creeps and crawls like it’s a lost track from the Pink Panther soundtrack. As the song unfolds, the other instruments turn from languid sonic textures to driving forces of energy, picking up steam as the intensity builds. Peaking with an apotheosis of pent up emotion, the track crescendos in a flurry of crashing cymbals and throat-shredding vocals. Then, just as it peaks, it drops down and fades away with the repeating phrase “another seahorse grows inside”, putting a cap on this indie rock bolero.

The video for ‘Seahorse’ is a fantastically trippy amalgam of hand-drawn images that fit the song’s dreamy lyrics, sometimes directly and sometimes more esoterically. It takes you on a deep dive into the same fractured world that the song inhabits: crude, dreary, and simple, but beautiful and daydreamy as well.

Building up a following through relentless gigging, Horsey are gearing up to match their hype with a proper studio effort. King Krule, meanwhile, has been pumping out the goods since 2013’s 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, home to his most enduring tracks like ‘Baby Blue’ and ‘Border Line’. With his guidance, Horsey seem set to make a break through into the indie rock stratosphere.

Check out the visualizer for ‘Seahorse’ down below. Debonair is set for a release some time in July. All we have so far is ‘Seahorse’, previously released single and lead-off track ‘Sippy Cup’, and a tracklisting. Check that out down below as well.

Debonair Tracklisting

1. Sippy Cup
2. Arms & Legs
3. Underground
4. Everyone’s Tongue
5. Wharf
6. Lagoon
7. Clown
8. 1070
9. Leaving Song
10. Seahorse (ft. King Krule)