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Hooton Tennis Club - Kathleen Sits On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair


Hooton Tennis Club are a band from the old ages, well not exactly old more like 2008. They devour big hooks and shit out pieces of indie pop gold. Pieces like ‘Kathleen Sits On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair’ which smell of love and pure adolescent shining gems – it’s our Track of the Day.

The band’s charm is what shines throughout ‘KSOTAOFC’, it is gentile and honest and full of the kind of sentiment that runs through the diaries of late 90’s girls, all lovelorn looks out of rain drenched windows masked by masculinity.

To be released via Heavenly Recordings the Liverpudlian band delve deep in to the soul of their city. They maintain the simple and heartfelt sound but add in the ambivalent smile of the romantic mundanity of modern life, all with a catchy pop hook.

Hooton Tennis Club are quietly going about their business churning out indie pop hits with absolute workman-like aplomb, we for one can’t wait for the next staff meeting.