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Hooton Tennis Club - Jasper


The latest from the Heavenly Records hit parade is Liverpudlian outfit Hooton Tennis Club and their new release ‘Jasper’. Coloured a multi-faceted grey it reeks of northern existential glamour, it’s our Track of the Day.

Named after the sign at the end of their road, the inventive four piece offer a glimpse of lo-fi lethargy with a sparkle that still breaks through the eyes of the song. They’re like a Beckett play but with more drugs and sex. ‘Jasper’ only goes to reaffirm this with it’s lo-fi simplicity and delivery mirrored in it’s romanticising of the mundane.

The rhythm is steady and true, the guitars placate the tongue and prick the brain in equal measure while the lyrics are socially wry and astute, and it’s all perfectly produced by The Coral’s Bill Ryder Jones to boot.

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Jack Whatley