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(Credit: Holly Humberstone)


Holly Humberstone on her debut album: “I’m closing in on it”

Prior to taking to the stage a couple of nights ago at the BRIT Awards 2022, Holly Humberstone released some information on her forthcoming debut album; during the interview, she also spoke about her recent work with Sam Fender

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter was in attendance to pick up her first BRIT Award for this year’s Rising Star category following the success of her 2021 EP The Walls Are Way Too Thin.

“Pretty surreal, it’s bizarre to even be here I watched the BRITs as a kid with my sisters,” she said of attending the ceremony. “It’s mad, I’m pinching myself I can’t believe I’m really here I feel so lucky.”

Humberstone went on to explain how excited she was about being nominated beside Bree Runway and Lola Young, and how great it was to see so many female artists being celebrated this year. “I think it’s great, I feel very lucky to be nominated beside two incredible female artists,” she explained. “There have been so many amazing, especially female artists that have been releasing music during the past few years that I’ve looked to for inspiration and encouragement, they’re both more than deserving of an award.”

When asked about her upcoming releases, she opened up about the “scary” task of writing her debut album. “I guess I’m trying to put together a bit of an album,” she shared. “I’ve released two EPs so far and it’s really fun because I like to write songs and not have them sat on my phone for too long before releasing them because I get bored really quickly. It’s nice because it’s like a little time capsule then it goes out into the world and I don’t have to think too much about it.”

Humberstone continued: “But for some reason, the idea of an album is so intense, quite scary, and quite official. It has to be perfect, I’m such a perfectionist. I’ve got enough for an album but I think I can beat myself and do better and write better songs and I’ve had a few months now to write and just experiment and have fun.”

Adding: “I think I’m closing in on it but I don’t ever think I’ll feel like I’m done writing I’ll always feel like I’ve got more to give I think someone is just gonna have to stay stop writing you’ve got it let’s put it out. But yeah, a scary concept.”

Speaking about her chosen musical style for her upcoming album she explained: “I’m just trying not to think about it too much. I’m trying to make the music I’m into at the moment. If the lyrics are honest and real and I’m writing about things I really care about then I think it will connect.”

“I’ve been lucky to collab with Sam [Fender] who’s amazing,” she said, noting their acoustic version of his hit song ’Seventeen Going Under’. When asked if she’d worked Fender again, she laughed, “No he’s horrible,” before adding, “I’m kidding of course I would. I would love to. He’s such a lovely guy, an incredible writer.”

Watch the collaboration below.