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(Credit: Holly Humberstone)


Holly Humberstone shares teaser for a new song about relocating to London


Lincolnshire-raised singer-songwriter, Holly Humberstone, has shared a snippet of a new song about her recent relocation to London. The currently untitled new ballad, which sees Humberstone riff on a cycle of mournful piano chords, focuses on the feelings of dislocation and isolation the capital can induce.

Humberstone begins the new track with a reference, of all things, to the Netflix TV show Stranger Things, addressing a friend or lover with the line: “Started feeling like I’m living in the Upside Down / I haven’t seen you in forever and I don’t know how / And I’ve been smoking / And staying out too late / But you know I’ve got / Good intentions babe”.

In the Instagram caption attached to the song snippet, Humberstone revealed: “I wrote this song back in [February] 2020 and I still really connect to it despite how much everything has changed. I’m still adjusting to London and still feel like it’s kind of isolating despite everything going on here, and so I’m thinking it would make sense to release it soon?”.

With the release of her debut album looming, Humberstone is right to be thinking about her next move. Last year, Humberstone revealed that the album was nearing completion, but wouldn’t be hitting shelves for a little while yet. Around that time, the singer told Sophie Williams: “An album is a really daunting thought. Being done with my debut album and having that much work, and all of it being final, is so scary – so I think it’s going to be a while [before it’s released] I’ve had loads of time now to just experiment and try different things out, and to have fun with my writing without the pressure.”

In November 2021, Humberstone released her second EP, The Walls Are Way Too Thin, via Polydor/Darkroom/Interscope. Supported by the release of singles ‘Scarlett, ‘Please Don’t Leave Just Yet’ (written with the help of The 1975’s Matt Healy) and ‘Haunted House,’ the record has cemented Humberstone as the new year’s one-to-watch.

In a 7.3 rating of the title track from that Autumn EP, Far Out wrote: “The Walls Are Way Too Thin’ plays things a little more upbeat. There’s still tension, close misses, and anxieties all around, but musically Humberstone breaks out of the slow-sad-repeat style that had started to become her signature sound. Instead, the heady doomed imagery is paired with a bouncy electronic beat that keeps the song from falling into its own sad-sack trappings.”

See the teaser, below.