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(Credit: Hollie Kenniff)


Hollie Kenniff releases new ambient track 'Sunset Chant'

Hollie Kenniff - 'Sunset Chant'

American-Canadian musician Hollie Kenniff has released the latest cut from her upcoming studio album The Quiet Drift, the deeply atmospheric ‘Sunset Chant’.

Inspired by the natural splendour of her northernmost home country, the dulcet tones wheeled out on ‘Sunset Chant’ can take you anywhere you want to go: an open forest, a beautiful mountainside, a still body of water. Any place that you need to escape to, Kenniff has you covered.

“As a child I visited Ontario year-round,” she explains in a press release for the upcoming album. “More than any other landscape, I think the lake, rivers, and woods there left the most enduring impression on me. The landscape and pace of life of these places will always stay with me.”

Nearly swallowed in soft ambient tones, ‘Sunset Chant’ is the kind of New Age music you’d expect to hear being played in a yoga temple. That’s not a criticism, just an observation. The looping electronic sounds that favour texture over specific notes and melodies is ideal for putting yourself in a trance, blocking out the rest of the world, and looking inward as you strive to break the cosmic barrier. Or maybe you can just relax to it while sitting next to a lake. That sounds nice too.

Kenniff certainly sounds like someone we would favour here at Far Out. In her press release, she quotes David Lynch and cites him as a major inspiration behind the making of The Quiet Drift. That’s a quick way to endear yourself to us. She also makes less formally structured kinds of music that quickly bring up comparisons to Brian Eno and recent Sufjan Stevens work, both of whom we’ve covered extensively. All in all, it seems that Kenniff shares the same fondness for esoteric, amorphous, ambiguous forms of art.

Check out the video for ‘Sunset Chant’ down below. The Quiet Drift is set for a July 16 release.