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Helado Negro shares new song 'There Must Be A Song Like You'

Helado Negro - 'There Must Be A Song Like You'

Roberto Carlos Lange (AKA Helado Negro) has just dropped his new single ‘There Must Be A Song Like You’. It is the fourth offering from his new album Far In which is set for release this coming Friday (September 22nd).

For Lange, ‘There Must Be A Song Like You’ is an exploration of the relationship between music and life itself. Commenting on the song, he said “who are you? All of our songs are so different. All of the experiences that we are, can there be a song like you? This song is a map of this exploration. Looking for melodies and rhythms that are you, day to day moment to moment, we are a different song.”

Helado Negro’s new single is hard to place. It lands somewhere between blissed-out lo-fi hip-hop, jazz, and ambient -betraying the influence of the stunning variety of artists he has collaborated with throughout his career, including Julliane Berwick and Stereolab’s Lætitia Sadier. It is, at once, mellow and gloriously vibrant, a mellifluous evocation of that moment just before the sun dips behind the horizon.

‘There Must Be A Song Like You’ has been released in tandem with an official video directed by Andrew Anderson, which sees Helado Negro gliding between a variety of beautifully shot natural landscapes. The track follows singles ‘La Naranja’, ‘Outside the Outside’, and ‘Gemini And Leo’, all of which will appear on the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Far In, his first album on 4AD and the seventh full-length LP since he released Double Youth back in 2014.

The songwriter’s new album was shaped by the enforced domesticity of lockdown. It was a period in which he had to re-learn how to stay at home, and how to find liberation: “Escape is never out there, you have to go inward,” Lange says, reflecting on how he developed the double album during this uniquely isolating time.

For him, it was important to embrace the unknown with open arms and to continue growing towards the light despite the darkness. His lyrics are riddled with references to imagined creatures, ghosts, and haunted machines. On Far In, Lange says he attempted to “celebrate the ghosts” wandering around his mind and to embrace freedom of expression in the pursuit of the metaphysical.

Helado Negro will headline North Beach Bandshell in Miami, FL, on 20th November. 2022 tour dates will be announced next week. You can sign up for early access to tickets and pre-order Helado Negro’s new album here