hd hausmann shares new video for ‘Old Satellites’ directed by Nicholas Jones


hd hausmann shares new video for ‘Old Satellites’ directed by Nicholas Jones


In the run up to the release of their debut album on 06 November, hd hausmann present this video for ‘Old Satellites’, produced and directed by short film and documentary maker Nicholas Jones.

It was only in September that we brought reported the emergence of hd hausmann, a moniker that derives from an amalgamation of different influences working in different disciplines such as A.E Housman, E.E. Cummings and S.E. Hinton as well as the architecture of Georges-Eugène Haussmann who gives his name to the boulevard where Marcel Proust wrote most of In Search of Lost Time.

And now hausmann has teamed up with Nicholas Jones, a director that drew plaudits for his recent film ’57degrees North’.

“Upon listening to and reading the lyrics for ‘Old Satellites’, I was struck by the idea of a person trying to grasp back control and I decided I wanted to represent this with the idea of loneliness in contrast to solitude,’ Jones said.

“These days we rarely get a chance to be alone and appreciate the benefits of solitude. We are inundated by information, technology and people, feeling lost when we don’t have access to the world through our phones or social media. Our everyday lives can be overwhelming, seeking out solitude could be a path to understanding ourselves and others.

“This film juxtaposes images of claustrophobic crowds against isolation in nature, in an attempt to analyse that no matter how many people are around us, if we don’t know ourselves, we are ultimately alone.”