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Hayley Williams shares stripped-back new song 'Find Me Here'

Hayley Williams - 'Find Me Here'

Hayley Williams has shared a dazzling stripped-back new track entitled ‘Find Me Here’.

‘Find Me Here’ is less than two minutes long and, within that short time, Williams manages to deliver an utterly beautiful yet heartbreaking track. It’s a perfect way for Williams to wrap up the Petals For Armor era, and features as the only original track on her brand new Petals For Armor: Self-Serenades EP. The EP also features acoustic versions of the wondrous ‘Simmer’ and ‘Why We Ever’. The release is a lovely way to round up a remarkable year for Williams that has seen her become an established solo star — proving there’s much more to her than just being ‘Hayley from Paramore’.

The stripped-back ‘Find Me Here’ finds a fitting home on the EP and provides the highlight from the record as Williams offers up a devastating lesson in tough love. She poignantly sings: “As long as I am loving you, you’ll never be alone, Long as you keep wanting me around, But this is one trip you’re going to have to take alone, When you come back you’ll find me here where I belong”.

The EP was a result of lockdown grounding Williams and forcing herself to fall back in love with the acoustic guitar. Throughout 2020, the musician has shared stripped-back covers of tracks by the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and SZA, before diving into the Self-Serenades EP.

Announcing the EP, Williams said: “I spent this year at home like everyone. I hadn’t spent that much time at home alone with my guitar since I was a teen, before Paramore hit the road. Once I realized I’d likely not be performing any of my new songs live for a while I guess it just felt right to play them for myself and re-imagine them, just a little bit lonelier. It wasn’t long before I started writing new songs again and one of the demos I made seemed fitting for this little EP.

“‘Find Me Here’ is the feeling of surrendering your loved ones to their own, personal struggles; letting them take their time and come to their own rescue. It’s a hard version of love to learn but it is an important lesson in loving someone well.”

Listen to the heartbreaking ‘Find Me Here’, below.