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Harvey Weinstein set to face testimony from five extra witnesses

According to the latest ruling by a Los Angeles judge, five extra witnesses will be allowed to testify against Harvey Weinstein during the upcoming trial. However, testimonies from Rose McGowan and Daryl Hannah were excluded by the judge who only allowed five witnesses even though the prosecutors wanted 15.

Weinstein has been charged with 11 counts of rape and sexual assault in regards to the five alleged victims. The jurors in the trial will also be informed of Weinstein’s New York conviction. While the prosecutors wanted to bring in 15 witnesses to establish a dangerous pattern in Weinstein’s behaviour, his lawyer claimed otherwise.

Weinstein’s lawyer Mark Werksman insisted that the extra witnesses would only confuse the jury and would affect the outcome of the case even though many of the things are outside the scope of this particular trial. Werksman argued: “The jury will be tempted to want to punish him for all the things they heard, whether they’re charged or not.”

“There is one person in this courtroom who is responsible for that,” Paul Thompson – the lead prosecutor – maintained that the number of witnesses was so high because of Weinstein. “That is Mr. Weinstein’s responsibility. Mr. Weinstein is the one who committed all of these offenses against so many women over so many years.”

Werksman believes that the initial number of witnesses set by the prosecutor was a “feint” because it made the eventual ruling by the judge look more reasonable. “This is going to become a circus,” he said. “I would beg the court to reconsider.”

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