(Credit: Holly Whitaker)


Happyness share 'Title Track' the final taste of new album 'Floatr'


The final song from Happyness’ new album Floatr sees the band return for another luscious track which speaks highly of the new record. We’ve made ‘Title Track’ our Track of the Day.

The band’s third album is shaping up to be another commendation of their talent and provides a nice piece of closure for what has been a tumultuous few years for Jonny Allan and Ash Kenazi.

The band describe the years between albums as “the best and worst years of our lives” but are happy to now bring the curtain down on a tempestuous period. The return to recording coincided with Kenazi’s emergence from supporting role into fearless drag queen to co-front the project with Allan.

‘Title Track’ acts as the final instalment of the new album, which arrives on Friday and sees the band in a reflective mood, Allan says of the song: ‘This track was kind of like the scene at the end of the movie Dark Star where he’s convincing the bomb not to explode and kill them all.”

“It’s about hindsight mainly,” continues Allan, “like your brain rattling like an old machine starting up again trying to get up to speed with reality, and your probably acting semi-lobotomised whilst it’s happening. But also like if you captioned a picture of a full-scale alien invasion with the tag “well that was always going to happen”.”

Listen below to the brand new single, ‘Title Track’ from Happyness’ upcoming new album Floatr below.