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(Credit: Holly Whitaker)


Happyness release new single 'Ouch (yup)'


London band Happyness, who recently returned with their first new music in three years, have released their latest offering.

The single, ‘Ouch (yup)’, arrives as the follow up to ‘Vegetable’ and is taken from the band’s new album Floatr. The new material is birthed around the somewhat turbulent recent lives of founding members Jonny Allan and Ash Kenazi went through a break-up and coming-out respectively. “A phrase that Ash says the whole time after crazy-party-nights is ‘I’m as great as I am because I destroyed myself’ and I think a vegetable is like that,” Allan explained previously.

“It’s been a while since we wrote it, we’ve done a lot of living and had…quite a good time…but when we wrote it quite fresh off the back of the band-thing breaking up and having to look very specifically at all of the shit that had led us to having to make a lot of life changes and I think it’s a bit of a destructive triumph vibe. Like a phoenix from the fucking ashes vibe.”

The new single, however, stems from the uncertainty created by the surreal socio-political climate of today and takes The underlying themes are of love, tragedy and resignation: “It’s about processing the stuff you leave behind, and not getting complacent and not assuming anything,” the band said in a statement.

“We were going through some massive life changes around the time we wrote this song, and Brexit was happening (remember that!) It’s about disbelief I guess. And the slow excruciating dawning of reality. Reality is a weird rush, the truth sets you free. Those kinds of things.”

Stream the song, below.