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Happyness channel Cavalli on ‘Bigger Glass Less Full’

Well, kind of. The band tried to channel Pierre Cavalii for their new track ‘Bigger Glass Less Full’ as the band say “Bigger Glass started with an oblique strategy that we learnt from Terry Gilliam: apparently he made ‘Brazil’ without ever reading 1984. We were trying to sound like a Pierre Cavalli song we’d heard once a very long time ago. It couldn’t sound less similar if we’d tried… We added the acoustics when we were in LA mixing with Adam Lasus – as of now the only thing we’ve ever recorded outside the UK.”

The track is form the new album Write In, which we meticulously reviewed recently and is due out for release in April 7th. The band have become masters of their college rock sound and this glint of lightning is another reason to get excited for the upcoming LP.

Take a listen to Happyness below and realise why they are one of the most awaited guitar bands around.
Bigger Glass Less Full by Happyness.