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Happyness - A Whole New Shape

Earlier this week Far Out favourites Happyness treated us to a deluxe re-release of their debut album Weird Little Birthday, after signing to Moshi Moshi.

The new version features a number of juicy little extra including bonus track ‘A Whole New Shape’. How does we intend on celebrating this momentous occasion I hear you ask?  We’ve only gone and made it our Track of the Day.

‘A Whole New Shape’ demonstrates a progression in the Happyness sound without straying too far from the infectious fuzz-pop that populate the album’s release the first time.

The intro is a little more abrasive, but the track still maintains a warmness and sparse feel with frontman Jonny Allan’s brittle vocal style gliding on a foundation of blissed-out guitars.

Here at Far Out we’ve been pretty infatuated with this band for some time now, but we can only hope having the force of Moshi Moshi behind them will bring the world of Happyness to a whole new crop of music fans.

For anyone into the likes of Yo La Tengo, Pavement or Grandaddy, we can’t stress enough how essential it it for you to get hold of this album.

Weird Little Birthday deluxe edition is available now via Moshi Moshi. Head here to read what happened when we interviewed Happyness in Huddersfield.

Patrick Davies