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Happy Mondays’ Bez suffers dangerous accident filming ‘Dancing on Ice’


Happy Mondays’ number one groover, Mark ‘Bez’ Berry, is no stranger to encountering a few scrapes. His latest was a very dangerous slip while filming Dancing on Ice

In an interview with The Sun, Phillip Schofield explained that. he had witnessed footage of Bez suffering a dangerous fall on the ice that was so forceful it caused his helmet to fly off when he smashed his head into the ice. 

Schofield then continued to delineate the dangers of ice skating poses to someone like Bez. “You have a rink that is full of essentially blades and we know how dangerous they can be and how deeply they can cut and how sharp they are,” he explained.

Schofield then continued: “I’ve just watched a video of Bez on his second day fall over backwards so hard that his helmet flew off. Dancing On Ice is really dangerous.”

Fortunately, Bez is as robust as a bouncy ball and managed to come out of the slip unscathed. Nevertheless, the slip has prompted the production team to take extra precautions when it comes to the former election candidate. I think we will be wrapping Bez up in bubble wrap that’s for sure,” Schofield vouched. 

Bez was even incredulous about how he managed to make it onto to ice in the first place. Prior to making his appearance, he opined: “At the moment it’s more like Bambi On Ice, not Dancing On Ice. How I got picked I don’t know because I was absolutely awful at the audition, but they must have seen some potential in me!”

Interestingly, this is not Schofield’s first run-in with a member of ‘The Mondays’. This Morning has also recently hosted a segment during which frontman Shaun Ryder discusses his alien encounters explaining that it is not that he searches for aliens rather that aliens come to him. 

Let’s just all hope that ‘The Mondays’ lads remain safe in their Schofield led encounters.