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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Halyna Hutchins' lawyers claim that Alec Baldwin killed her

Since the news broke that a crew member had been fatally shot on the set of an upcoming film called Rust, there have been a lot of debates online as well as extensive investigations into the matter. Other members of the industry have called for legislation against the use of real firearms on film sets following the horrific incident.

Alec Baldwin has been at the centre of this whole debacle from the very beginning. The initial reports suggested that it was Baldwin who had fired the weapon which led to the death of the promising cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and ended up wounding the director of the film. However, there were conflicting reports about the nature of the firearm and the projectiles that were used.

Now, the family of Halyna Hutchins have filed a lawsuit against the actor and “others who are responsible for the safety on set, and whose reckless behaviour and cost-cutting led to the senseless, tragic death of Halyna Hutchins”. This is in stark contrast to the claims that Baldwin made in a previous interview where he said that he hadn’t pulled the trigger.

The lawsuit alleges that multiple safety standards were ignored during the production process of the film. While the safety protocols dictate that actors have to accept firearms in the presence of an armourer, that wasn’t the case on the set of Rust. The lawsuit also claims that Baldwin refused weapons training and did not check whether there were live rounds in the weapon.

In order to substantiate their claims, the legal team of Halyna Hutchins have released a CGI recreation of what they believe happened on the set of Rust which led to the death of their client. This video has been released online and details an animated rundown of the tragic incident that continues to generate public discourse.

Watch the video below.