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(Credit: half•alive)


half•alive release new single 'What's Wrong'


If you’ve played the computer game FIFA, then you already know their song ‘RUNAWAY’ and, off the back of it, the creators are amassing tens of millions of streams on Spotify. There’s no other way to put it: half•alive are blowing up.

The American band are one of those groups that live in the nebulous world of modern alternative rock. Their closest comparisons are probably AJR, and the band is managed by the same group who handles the affairs of 21 Pilots, so that should give you a pretty good idea of what kind of band this is.

And if that is your thing, then you’ll easily get on board with the band’s new single, ‘What’s Wrong.’ It’s a catchy, electronica-indebted tune that has a chorus based off the phrase “Yippee ki yay,” possibly indicating that Bruce Willis has a co-writing credit. Even after a few intent listens, the lyrics don’t really seem to mean anything. They’re a random collection of anxiety-related phrases that first and foremost serve the music.

I wish I could link the video here, but currently, it only lives as a private video on Vimeo at the moment. Instead, let me paint you a picture: a dingy apartment/hotel room, three guys in tuxedos, flashing lights, face paint, and a series of increasingly complex choreography.

Honestly, it reminded me of the kind of dancing you would see in an early 2000’s Westlife or NSYNC video, which makes me think it’s intended as a parody. But then again, what’s the point of making fun of impressive dance moves by replicating those same dance moves? I’m probably thinking too much. It’s cool to watch and makes for an entertaining video. Hopefully, you’ll get to see it soon.

Aha! It’s premiering later today! Most likely it will already be out by the time this is published. Here, check out the link to see the new video and peep those sweet dance moves for yourself.