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Gruff Rhys - Post Apocalypse Christmas

Three years ago, Super Furry Animals and Neon Neon frontman Gruff Rhys brought out one of our favourite festive releases of recent times in the shape of his EP An Atheist Christmas.

It was three tracks of low-key brilliance and dour tone that offered a gentle reminder to those who get carried away with the season that the bad things on this planet of ours still exist come December 25th.

We didn’t want to bring the spirit crashing to its knees too heavily, hence why we declined to give our Christmas Eve Track of the Day spot to the unrelentingly bleak ‘Slashed Wrists This Christmas’. Give it a listen though, it’s great.

No, instead the EP’s opener ‘Post Apocalypse Christmas’ is back to marry a jaunty and suitably cheery melody with a lyrical output that is a little more down to earth. “Even through a Nuclear Winter, here comes Santa on his reindeer”, sings Rhys.

Communicating the juxtaposition of unavoidably contagious Christmas cheer in a world that has been ravaged by war, poverty and climate change is something that has now been attempted and slightly lost in translation three times now by Bob Geldof via the same means in the shape of his ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’.

However, we think ‘Post Apocalypse Christmas’ is an example of how smart songwriting and lyrics that are a bit more well-thought out can get the point across wonderfully. Merry Christmas Gruff!

Patrick Davies