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Grimes previews two new tracks


It’s always good to get back to the music. Grimes has shaken of the Elon Musk furore and previewed two brand new tracks to get her fans all in a tizz. Naturally she did so through non-conventional means, by sharing the songs through a video on Twitter.

After teasing and then un-teasing new music the artist has shared the first taste of the upcoming album which is looking likely to be released in the autumn (if her interactions with fans are to be taken at face value) and will be the follow-up to the acclaimed Art Angels.

Grimes described the first of these videos as “the cheesy love song i was talking about that i don’t like but everyone else likes” and the second as an “ethereal chav jam that’s like … a cyberpunk interpretation of the bajirao mastani movie.”

Grimes’ iTunes indicates the songs previewed on this film are probably “adore u (beautiful game)” and “4 æm,” both were present on the prospective album tracklisting she shared recently.

With little to no single releases on the horizon this is the best her legion of fans have at the moment, but they are certainly making the most of it. Take some time to read her honest interactions with fans – they warm the heart and give some valuable information as to when the new album might reach us.