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Grimes to release "intergalactic children's metaverse book"

Canadian electropop musician Grimes has announced her intention to wade into the metaverse once again. Now, she has told an audience that she plans on releasing an “intergalactic children’s metaverse book”.

Per a report on Bitcoin, the musician made the big reveal when speaking remotely to the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona last week. The summit is a conference for developers, researchers and many others who are interested in the very topical blockchain platform, Avalanche. 

Grimes’ new project is to be part of ‘Culture Catalyst’, an initiative worth $100millon run by the Avalanche Foundation and the NFT platform OP3N, which will be focused on funding a plethora of Web3 projects from musicians, filmmakers and other artists. 

“When I first got into Web3, this was the kind of project I was hoping to see,” Grimes told the audience. “I’m very excited to be partnering with OP3N to launch a series of educational art for babies and small children with the goal of creating a profound experience for babies that is also deeply meaningful to adults.”

It’s been a busy few months for Grimes, and this is not her first dalliance with the metaverse. Last year, she sold a suite of NFTs through the Nifty Gateway marketplace. However, she told the Avalanche Summit that she’s held off on releasing more NFTs since then because of her “environmental concerns”, adding the caveat that she now feels “totally comfortable” launching works on Avalanche. 

Musically, Grimes has also been busy. She will be releasing a new EP, Fairies Cum First, later this year, and got fans excited by dropping the heady new single ‘Shinigami Eyes’ in January. The new EP is also being used as a teaser, as it precedes Grimes’ upcoming album, Book 1, with the single ‘Player of Games’ already released. 

Listen to Grimes ‘Player of Games’ below.