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Grimes has revealed why she has changed her name to ‘c’


The artist formerly known as Grimes has today offered up a reason as to why she has changed her name from Grimes to ‘c’. The change she said was down to her recently finished relationship with Elon Musk.

Grimes’ real name is Claire Boucher and she clearly felt the need to reconnect with her humanity above her artistic output before her upcoming album Miss_Anthropecene drops in the summer.  

“You just have to totally untether your personality from your public persona,” she told Cultured magazine. “I’m like, I don’t want to use that name anymore. I don’t want to use that face anymore. Because it now stands for something that I don’t agree with.”  

The new album will be the follow up to the critically acclaimed and widely loved Art Angels. The album saw Grimes burst into the mainstream but c recently labelled it as “a piece of shit” and “a stain on my life”. But the new album seems to have grabbed her attention away from the sour-candy pop of her last LP.  

She told Cultured magazine of the new album: “It’s anthropomorphizing climate change, it’s sort of about this demon of the end of the world, this character that’s like the Voldemort of climate change. She’s relishing the end of the world, and it’s an album about how great fucking climate change is.”

Take a listen to ‘We Appreciate Power’ below