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(Credit: Grimes)

Grimes calls previous album 'Art Angels' “a piece of crap” and “a stain on my life”


Grimes is distancing herself from previous work as she prepares to release her new album Miss_Anthrop0cene.

Gimes, who announced the decision to change her legal name from ‘Claire’ to ‘c’, is moving away from her previous moniker in a bid to turn a new direction. Fans of c have had to wait patiently for new material with the follow-up to 2015 record Art Angels suffering numerous setbacks.

Now though, with the new record all but completed, c has moved to distance herself from Grimes album Art Angels and explained her disdain for the project after it was repeatedly labeled “a pop record”.

“The last album was a piece of crap,” she said of the album in a new interview with Cultured. “I feel like people really misread it and it feels like a stain on my life,” she added.

“I just wish I could make music in a vacuum,” she continued. “It’s good to make people mad actually, I retract my statement. If you can make people mad without actually hurting anyone, that’s probably a good thing.”

While announcing the new record on social media, Grimes said: “It’s a concept album about the anthropomorphic Goddess of climate Change,” in the caption. “A psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/ beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world. She’s composed of Ivory and Oil.

“Each song will be a different embodiment of human extinction as depicted through a Pop star Demonology,” she adds. “The first song ‘we appreciate power’, introduced the pro-AI-propaganda girl group who embody our potential enslavement/destruction at the hands of Artificial General intelligence.”