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Grimes releases new demo recording ‘Pretty Dark’

Grimes has released a new demo recording of her song ‘Pretty Dark’ as fans patiently wait for new material.

For a while now Claire Boucher has been telling fans that “new music is imminent”, yet the follow-up to 2015 album Art Angels doesn’t seem to be arriving any time soon.

Instead, Grimes has been drip feeding demos, remixes collaborations with other artists. With K-Pop a clear influence on Boucher, she released ‘We Appreciate Power’ in November and cited the Korean music as inspiration.

Now, dropping a clip on her YouTube channel, Grimes said “Not a single lol just a demo,” in the video description. “This is from an AR musical I’m working on (AKA not the album/not official Grimes music,” she emphasised.

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Here it is: