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Grass House – Spinning As We Turn

Spinning As We Turn, the follow up release to last year’s The Boredom Rose and the first with their new label Marshall Teller is making the idealists comfortable in their beds again. Safe in the knowledge that Grass House, with their brand of assured folk tinged indie are towing the line for authentic and organic art in this digitally saturated market.

There’s a real sense of craft and purpose in this track from the London based  quartet as they look to build on their first release and put the minds of purists at ease. Recorded in the Monnow Valley Studios and produced by Jim Anderson Spinning As We Turn has a fullness and plumpness that feels as satisfying as that nap you have after a Sunday lunch.

The band are truly maturing as their sound becomes one of the most beautiful of things; unclassifiable as it flirts with folk and ambles alongside the anthemic. Maintaining a lot of the colloquial romanticism that struck a chord with so many in The Boredom Rose this track also has existential dreams delivered with poignancy and heavy artistry.

And all this as the World is spinning as we turn”  

The album will be out later this year and I imagine that with Palmer’s vocal and it’s bed time story authority coupled with the bands flourishing proficiency, Grass House will be singing students to sleep for years to come.
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Available as a free download right bloody now, you couldn’t go far wrong to get your hands on this one. Spinning As We Turn is keeping the pen using, wood burning artists happy as they deliver another all encompassing track. We can’t wait for the album.

By Jack Whatley

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