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Grant Hart - Is The Sky The Limit

Husker Du and R.E.M were deemed by many to be the two American post punk bands of the 80’s that changed the direction of rock & roll. R.E.M. became an astronomical musical force whereas Husker Du never became more than a cult hit. This may change in the coming months if the quality of this artist receives his rightful recognition; It is from the latter of the two that Thursday’s tune of the day derives as Far Out Magazine presents ex Husker Du drummer Grant Hart’s enthralling effort Is The Sky The Limit, taken from his new monstrous 20 song album The Argument.

The Argument is based around 17th century English poet John Milton’s epic depiction of man’s decline in the 10 book spanning verse Paradise lost (Nick Cave’s fans ears may be picking up) and although Is the sky the limit lasts about as long as it would take to read a single stanza of Milton’s macabre masterpiece it’s a truly fine piece of work in its own right.

With Is The Sky The Limit Hart has veered away from his previously punk laden, Husker Du requiems (Hot Wax and Intolerance) and into the experimental and ethereal, creating a compelling track with several layers of intriguing instrumental sounds and, for Hart, an unusually subtle vocal delivery that suits the subject matter the title suggests superbly.

You can listen to Is The Sky The Limit and another track on The Argument album preview below.

Grant Hart – The Argument [preview] by Domino Record Co

Joshua Hevicon