Grandmother swept out to sea while posing for a photo on an iceberg in Iceland


A tourist in Iceland was being swept away to sea while posing for a picture on an iceberg shaped like a throne.

Judith Streng, from Texas and on holiday in Iceland, found a ‘throne’ made out of ice at Diamond Beach in Jökulsárlón and decided it was the perfect picture spot. “It was shaped like an easy place to sit,” she said in an interview with ABC News. “I thought it was safe,” the 77-year-old added.

“One girl had been on it and then two girls at the same time, and it was very secure with them. But I don’t weigh very much. So it was a little easier to float off with me, I guess.”

She added: “When I got on it, it started to totter and a wave was coming in. A very large wave came in and kind of made the throne kind of rock, and I could tell that I was slipping off.”

Mrs Streng became somewhat of a viral hit after her granddaughter uploaded images and a conversation with her father to social media, “My grandmother almost got lost at sea in Iceland today lmaoooo,” she wrote.

It is understood that a coastguard was required to rescue the ice queen from her brief venture out to sea.

Jökulsárlón, a glacier lagoon, has been loaded with warning signs advising tourists against climbing on the ice.

It was only in 2016 that police issued a warning against people doing so, admitting that the “looks safe to walk on” but can easily break off. No kidding.

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