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Graham Nash joins Neil Young and removes music from Spotify


In a brief moment of camaraderie, Graham Nash has come out in support of Neil Young, announcing that he too will be removing his music from Spotify in an effort to boycott the streaming service, which has been accused of supporting the spread of Covid-19 vaccine misinformation.

Last week, Young wrote an open letter to his management in which he demanded that his music be pulled from Spotify. The since-deleted letter asserted that the Spotify affiliated podcast The Joe Rogan Experience is deliberately spreading “false information about vaccines”. He concluded the letter with the ultimatum: “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.”

The streaming platform removed all of Young’s music on Wednesday, January 26th. Since then, more and more musicians have been coming out in support of Young, including Joni Mitchell, who has announced she will also be removing her discography from Spotify, as have Crazy Horse and E-Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren.

Now, Young’s former Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young bandmate, Graham Nash, has joined the boycott, issuing a statement in which he declared his solo work would be removed from Spotify. The statement , shared with Rolling Stone, began: “Having heard the Covid disinformation spread by Joe Rogan on Spotify, I completely agree with and support my friend Neil Young and I am requesting that my solo recordings be removed from the service.”

Nash went on to note: “There is a difference between being open to varying viewpoints on a matter and knowingly spreading false information which some 270 medical professionals have derided as not only false but dangerous. Likewise, there is a difference between misinformation, in which one is unaware that what is being said is false, versus disinformation which is knowingly false and intended to mislead and sway public opinion.”

However, Nash acknowledged that Spotify offers an essential platform for younger artists: “It should also be acknowledged that many younger musicians, and many musicians of all ages, rely on platforms like this to gain exposure to a wider audience and share their music with the world,” he said, adding: “Not everyone is able to take steps like this which is all the more reason that platforms like Spotify must be more responsible and accountable for the content they are obligated to moderate for the good of the public at large.”

David Crosby has also called out Spotify for its platforming of vaccine misinformation. However, when asked on Twitter if he would be removing his music like Nash and Young, he wrote: “I no longer control it or I would in support of Neil. In the last week, Spotify has lost more than $2billion in market value, suggesting that the musicians still hold the cards after all.