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Credit: Bryan Ledgard


Graham Coxon says Blur will "always be capable" of reforming


Graham Coxon has shared his thoughts on the possibility of another Blur reunion, saying that the group will “always be capable” of reforming. Speaking to the Rockonteurs podcast, the former Blur guitarist recalled the elation he felt during Blur’s 2009 return, which featured a headline performance at Glastonbury.

Describing the experience of reuniting with Blur six years after the band’s split in 2003, Coxon said: “It was great because I played [the songs] in a completely different way, I felt more grateful for the situation,” he said. “I became a little more grateful for what we’d always had.”

He went on to note: “I reckon a lot of bands would get that if they had a chance to do that again. It’s why I almost get annoyed with other bands who have been squabbling and not really got it together to have another go. I think it’s kind of sad to hang on to resentments.” Was that a sly reference to Liam and Noel Gallagher, Graham? Surely not.

Responding to the idea that his Blur days are in “the rear view mirror”, Coxon was quick to disagree, joking: “Alex James is in the passenger seat, prodding me all the time! They’re not in the rear view mirror at all! They’re all sitting in the car with me still, [saying] ‘Shall we do some more?’”.

Coxon clearly likes the idea of returning to the fray with his Blur bandmates, and certainly thinks it would be possible: “I actually think that Blur will always be capable of that, and when the time comes around and the stars are aligned, we’ll always be capable of doing something interesting.” This of course begs the question: if not now, then when?

Elsewhere, Blur’s former labelmates Jesus Jones have asked the Britpoppers to reunite in tribute to the late head of Food Records, Andy Ross. Ross, who signed the likes of Idlewild, Dubstar, Blur, and many more, died in January at the age of 66. While a Blur reunion does seem to be on the cards, as of yet, no real moves have been made for the group to get back together.

Listen to the interview, below.