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Credit: Gorillaz


Gorillaz tease new 'Song Machine' project and hint at slowthai collaboration

Gorillaz, the animated group of musical miscreants, teased a brand new project Song Machine as well as hinting that their comeback single will feature slowthai and Slaves.

Gorillaz posted a short video clip last night which provided a 23-second clip of new song ‘Song Machine Theme Tune’, which can be heard below.

As well as the video the band also posted artwork from the single on their Instagram account with the message reading: “Follow your nearest Song Machine (snooze you lose),” and posts of the cartoon’s band’s characters each saying they have “switched on the machine”.

The hint at slowthai’s involvement is a groundbreaking one. On slowthais’ canvas on Spotify for his single ‘Doorman’ a certain member of an animated band was spotted as Murdoc made an appearance and heralded the first time the site has been used to tease such a thing.

The suggestion that Slaves will also be featuring on the track has been circling around along with the hint that it may be Radio 1 DJ, Annie Mac’s hottest record in the world this week.