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A Hotel to Call Home: Good Hotel, London

Given the amount of competition within the hotel sector of England’s capital city of London, it requires a certain level of ingenuity, creativity and honesty to stand out from the crowd. Good Hotel, it would seem, has that in abundance.

In terms of originality, there’s very few who can compete with Good Hotel. Their building, after all, is a floating vessel situated in the Royal Victoria Dock of London, located south of the city. Having become the first of Good Hotel’s growing list of properties, this hotel was born in Amsterdam and undertook the challenge of moving home via a submersible barge across the North Sea Canal, via the River Thames and through the King George V lock.

While originality is key, exclusivity has emerged as a unique selling point for all major businesses and, unsurprisingly, this hotel has that too. Staying in its current location for just five years, Good Hotel is pitching up in the community to challenge the way our society associates luxury living in an ever-growing unaffordable city.

“The purpose is to extensively train (long-term) unemployed locals in various jobs in the hospitality industry,” the hotel explains. “After concluding the ‘Good Training’, participants will be offered a three-month contract at Good Hotel, followed by professional mediation in the city’s hotel business.”

Good Hotel added: “The entire process gives participants a real chance to get off welfare, (re-)integrate into the economy and build a new future.”

The hotel has forced itself into the local community, not in the abrasive and overwhelming stance that most major companies take up in London, but with their door wide open to the people around them, smiles on their faces and a friendly arm around the shoulder for those that need it most. What is fascination about Good Hotel, however, is that they manage do all of the above while maintaining an impressive air of luxury while continuing to be personal to the customer paying for the room.

Sourcing local ingredients, materials and labour locally, this floating wonderland offers a healthy work environment and fair salaries to their employees. It must be said, however, that Good Hotel isn’t a charity case and they have clearly worked hard on ensuring that this business doesn’t patronise those involved which is no mean feet. They hand out opportunities to those people who need it and those chosen members of staff are expected to maintain the high levels of excellence they have established—a deal that is wholeheartedly delivered.

Collaborating with local charities in a bid to help them grow their businesses, the area of Royal Victoria Dock has developed somewhat of bohemian feel to it following Good Hotel’s arrival. With a converted double-decker cafe located outside the hotel, a cosy Lebanese restaurant around the corner, Good Hotel have helped to inspire a level of community in an area of London that has little soul, it has to be said.

On a practicalities level, London locals will know that Royal Victoria Dock is far from convenient. That said, the DLR is a two minute walk from the hotel and Canning Town’s Jubilee Line is one stop away from that. Uber, as you well know, is in emphatic flow all around London and taxi ride to central London or back is no more the £10 if required.

With 148 converted rooms in the hotel, a shared creative working space, an open plan kitchen and living room for breakfast and, of course, the cherry on the top luxury of a roof terrace, the creators if this community project have considered every small detail. The prices are more than reasonable and, when booking direct, you will help local children in need. “For every booking made on our website, we donate £5 per night to our NGO partner, Niños de Guatemala,” the Good Hotel explain.

Staying in the Good Hotel, at times, felt as though we were no longer in London—a quality and perk that should never be overlooked when planning a stay in this hectic city. Opening the curtains to view the sun shining over the serene water was a relaxation luxury in itself, a rare moment of calm in a bustling London.

With so few opportunities for environmentally friendly travel, Good Hotel offer an alternative. While the location is mildly inconvenient, the luxury, the enjoyment and the personal rewards of supporting a cause that helps the local people of London should not be underestimated.

Good Hotel is a forward thinking establishment, a hotel process of the future.

Follow this link to learn more about Good Hotel and to book your stay.