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(Credit: Nmartinezr)


Glastonbury Flashback: When Primal Scream blew the socks off ‘Loaded’


Every band needs a song that serves as an introductory handshake to the mainstream. For Primal Scream, that song was ‘Loaded’, and it didn’t shake the hand of the masses, it ripped their arms clean off at the socket. To this day, the intro is akin to a sonic version of a text reading, ‘Anyone doing anything today then?’ on Saturday at 2 pm when you hadn’t planned to do much. 

Within a second the song can slide you out of your slippers and lace up those dancing shoes. If it can offer up that jolt on an idle Tuesday when it pops up on shuffle, then just imagine what it was like when they launched it full force into the face of a gladdened Glastonbury crowd like a fired-up Jofra Archer spell. 

Like a lot of the best artistic feats, the song was a happy accident too. As Gillespie once recalled: “We just did ‘Loaded’ as an experiment. There was nothing in it for us anyway, so we had nothing to lose, you know?” This liberation is reflected in the tune.

Thus, the swaggering Scot and his cronies teamed up with DJ Andy Weatherall, handed over a track originally called ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’ and the rest is history. “There was no game plan with Weatherall at all. We didn’t think ‘We’re going to get famous and rich’ or ‘We’re gonna get a hit.’ It was just us trying to make a record that could ply in this scene and that people could dance to.”

Concluding: “But I remember when we finished it sounded f—ing amazing. We’d done it.” And that triumph was felt like a cold splash of water at Glastonbury in 2011. Boy to be amongst it! It’s just as well that they are back and headlining the John Peel Stage this year on Friday between 22:30 and 23:45. 

As the anthem attests, “It’s about the rest of society against the c—ts at the top,” and there is nowhere better than Glastonbury to have that mantra heard aloud. Let’s hope this year’s ‘Loaded’ rendition is as brimming with euphoria and cognizance of good times in spite of bastards as this one from a golden 2011. 

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