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(Credit: Tom Ham)


Glastonbury Festival 2022: IDLES cover The Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love’

British-Irish rock band Idles have taken the stage at Glastonbury, and amid their set, have embarked on a monumental cover. The band has covered plenty of material in the past, but this one rings as extra special.

As one of the knockouts of their set, Idles chose to cover The Beatles’ iconic song ‘All You Need Is Love’ to really bring the house down. What served as a fan favourite at Glastonbury may not have even been too far out of their wheelhouse, as it turns out. 

Idles have covered The Beatles once before, ironically when recording at the legendary Abbey Road. They covered ‘Helter Skelter’ alongside another cover—of The Strokes’ ‘Reptilia’. Even if Glastonbury didn’t mark their first Beatles cover, the variation is unique regardless, and definitely worth a watch of the live performance.

In addition to their previous Beatles cover, it seems that Idles actually did tease this exact cover just a few weeks earlier with an Instagram post at yet another music festival. 

Posting right before day two of Coachella, they posted an Instagram photo captioned, “All You Need Is Love (and suncream. Lots and lots of suncream).” Although this might have been a coincidence, it likely rings as a hidden gem for fans who watch the band closely. Regardless, they do have one thing right: you should always be wearing your sunblock when you head out for your next day at the music festival, wherever you are.

If you want to check out the performance from Glastonbury where Idles cover the classic Beatles song ‘All You Need Is Love’, you can find the video down below. They definitely put their own spin on it, but that’s what having fun and doing covers is all about. You can also listen to their new album, Crawler, which is out now.