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Watch an emotional IDLES rip up The Park Stage at Glastonbury Festival


IDLES fulfilled a lifelong dream and ripped up Glastonbury Festival to one of the largest crowds of their career to date.

The band, born in Bristol and close to the Glastonbury location itself, were more emotionally charged than usual at the gravitas of the moment, a performance for them that marked their true arrival on the alternative music scene.

Taking to the stage, lead singer Joe Talbot, said: “This it’s one of the most magnificent moments of our lives,” with the type honesty that made the crowd feel even more included with this unique band. “We’ve waited 12 years to play here. This is the best place on earth. I’ve stood where you are and cried to Thom Yorke, Battles, The Horrors,” he added.

IDLES are already an incredibly inclusive band, their lyrics attempt to shed positive light on serious topics that are often the subjects of negative press. Speaking about the occasion of Glastonbury once more, the singer added in reflection to some of the bands that have gone before them: “They changed my life, and I hope in some way we can change yours,” a sentiment that says all you need to know about IDLES.

Tearing through some of the fan favourites from their debut album Brutalism and their critically acclaimed follow up Joy as an Act of Resistance, the band introduced each song with an heartfelt moment of honesty: “I spent a long time feeling lonely and depressed and a drug addict and an alcoholic,” Talbot said before playing ‘1049 Gotho’ and added: “But I’d come here and feel like I was part of something bigger than myself,” while dedicating numerous songs to his wife Elizabeth who was side of the stage.

The landmark moment came when the band performed ‘Danny Nedelko’, a song about “one of the most beautiful parts of this country: the foreigners,” and one that was inspired after witnessing PJ Harvey perform at Glastonbury in 2016. Clearly overcome by emotion, lead singer Talbot was close to tears at the reception from the crowd and, in a moment of calm, his wife ran on stage to offer the support he clearly needed.

“That was my wife, she’s a nurse in the NHS,” he said after composing himself. “And my daughter,” he added to rapturous applause.

Below enjoy that performance and, as the band say themselves: “all the immigrants that make this country a better place.”

IDLES 2019 Glastonbury Festival Setlist:
‘Never Fight a Man With a Perm’
‘Faith in the City’
‘1049 Gotho’
‘Divide and Conquer’
‘Love Song’
‘I’m Scum’
‘Danny Nedelko’