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David Attenborough makes surprise Glastonbury appearance and praises plastic ban

David Attenborough turned up on Worthy Farm to make a surprise appearance on the final day of Glastonbury to praise their efforts of going plastic free.

Referencing his recent television series Blue Planet 2, Attenborough discussed the scenes that detailed the hugely detrimental effect single-use plastics are having on the world’s oceans.

Glastonbury recently made the bold decision to go plastic free and, in doing so, drastically reducing the sheer amount of plastic water bottles that are usually left littered across the festival site.

Discussing the topic, Attenborough said: “Now this great festival has gone plastic-free,” to a huge crowd at the festival. “That is more than a million bottles of water have not been drunk by you in plastic. Thank you! Thank you!

“The ocean covers two-thirds of this planet of ours … the land only covers one third of the globe. There are seven great continents on which we human beings live. Each of them has its own marvellous creatures – birds and mammals, animals of all kinds. Each of them has its own glory, each of them has its own problems.”

He added: “Those extraordinary marvellous sounds you’ve just been listening to were the sounds of the creatures that live in the sea and the great oceans. You may have heard some of them in a series that went out two years ago called Blue Planet 2,” in reference to his award-winning series.

“We have been making, for the last four years, a series about those things, about those seven very different continents. It starts later on this year. It’s called Seven Worlds, One Planet. 

“Here are a few glimpses of what awaits you in the next few months.”

The 93-year-old then left the stage to rapturous applause before Kylie Minogue entered to play the infamous ‘Legends Slot’.