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Glastonbury Festival is banning plastic water bottles


Glastonbury Festival are working on plans to ban plastic water bottles from their event, organiser Emily Eavis confirmed.

While Glasto is taking a fallow year this year, when it returns in 2019 the plan is to have a zero plastic bottle policy. This, of course, is the natural progression for such an environmentally conscious festival like Glastonbury. In 2014 they brought in stainless steel bottles and water stations to encourage cost-free refilling.

When discussing plans at the NME awards, Eavis said: “There’s lots going on at the moment.

“We’re working on banning plastic bottles… which is an enormous project and it’s taking a lot of time to tackle it with all the different people we work with.

“But that’s the big project at the moment for 18, to get rid of plastic bottles across the whole site.”