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Girlpool - The Lexington, London


Girlpool - The Lexington, London

West Coast duo of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad going by the name of Girpool made the trip from LA to London this week to play some songs at the Lexington, Far Out’s Niki Sawo was in attendance:

If i’m honest it must be pretty fucking scary doing what they do. Girlpool put themselves and their thoughts out there, they strip it down down to the bare bones and they only have each other for comfort. They looked, no they are in every sense of the word, vulnerable.

Yet they talk so boldly about gender, sexuality, slutshaming and everything young girls usually whisper about. In years gone by teenagers would cry into their pillows at night when they were called sluts, these two girls write songs about that shit for the world to hear. It would be so fucking easy to bracket them into the feminist category, the difference being that connection is merely their default.

Yeah so their chosen words may not be the most interesting, they may have a slight children’s rhyme to their sound but they’re not trying to be something they’re not, it’s what makes them so approachable and besides, what they’re saying is fucking relevant.

Girlpool might just be two friends writing about shit that matters to them in that moment of time, what separates them is the cherry on top, they’re authentic.

Individually the vocals will never be the strongest but in harmony they’re unstoppable as they role into crowd favourites ‘Jane’, ‘Chinatown’ and an emotional highlight being their cover of Radiator Hospital’s ‘Cut Your Bangs’.

Everybody inside The Lexington (including the bizarrely large amount of men in attendance, pervs) – loved them for all the right reasons, they’re humble, they’re happy and they’re totally freaked out to be playing shows in Europe, alone.

Can you pigeonhole their sound as ever so slightly juvenile? Well yeah, maybe, but I’m down regardless. They make me want to quit all the bullshit and go live in Americana lala land.

Girlpool are the soundtrack to flaunting your imperfections, they’re doing what every young woman should be doing, they’re tying to make a difference.

Own yourself a voice.

Niki Sawo

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