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(Credit: Girlpool)


Girlpool unveil emotive new single ‘Dragging My Life into a Dream’

Girlpool - 'Dragging My Life into a Dream’

Girlpool have returned with their new single ‘Dragging My Life into a Dream’, which handily doubles up as a time machine back to the bedroom bound indie-pop of the millennium. It’s a song that conjures up images of bulky silver CD players with blue inbuilt speakers and Cruel Intentions posters faster than the racetrack rabbit.

Clearly, this is the intent behind the nostalgia-inducing single and Girpool succeed with poppy aplomb. However, it has to be said that certain elements of the songwriting almost seem like an AI produced facsimile of a lyrical emotive experience. As Avery Tucker asserted herself: “This song is about romanticising a past time and also longing for my heart to feel open and innocent again.”

“I wrote ‘Dragging My Life Into a Dream’ after going out to a party,” Tucker recalls. “I had spent the last year confronting being on my own in a way I had been avoiding for a long time. Although I knew that I was growing and still needed to heal from past relationships, I missed feeling connected to somebody and inspired.”

The song sits amid the forthcoming record Forgiveness and forms a part of the cathartic exposition at its heart. As Girlpool bandmate Harmony Tividad explains: “A lot of life feels like unavoidable experiences to me. To me, Forgiveness is about accepting that concept. It’s about forgiving reality for having to be exactly what it is all the time.”

The song delivers on the nostalgia, and it is melodious enough to mask some of the cracks but ultimately the purge seems a little skin-deep and as such, it skirts any great leap of originality or zesty innovation. All that being said, there is certainly room for songs like this in many bedrooms around the world and it’s a jam that will quench the thirst of many pink walls with horse paintings. 

The album is set for release on April 29th and you can check out the latest single below.