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(Credit: Jay Whitehead)


Gengahr share 'Under The Skin'

Gengahr - 'Under The Skin'

Gengahr have returned with their new single, ‘Under The Skin’, the first release since 2020’s Sanctuary.

The track is a stand-alone single written for Amazon Prime’s American Gods and appears on the third season of the hit-show that is currently airing on the streaming service. ‘Under The Skin‘ sees Gengahr explore the dystopian world in which American Gods exist, rubbing it together with their psychedelic infused brand of indie-pop, which make for fitting sparring partners.

Gengahr frontman Felix Bushe explained the different writing process for a TV show rather than for an album. Noting: “It was a really interesting opportunity for us, and when we were asked about the project I thought immediately that I had something that would work well for this.

“There was an element of re-writing that went on but essentially the world the song lived in already existed and happened to be one much the same as the show itself.”

There’s a muscular twisted ecclesiastical feel to ‘Under The Skin’ from a lyrical perspective, which adds a haunting layer to the soul-stirring song as Gengahr adapt themselves to the other-worldly location where the programme exists.

Bushe sings on the track with an eerie defiant force in his voice, “Drag city and the war’s tonight, Archetype, exit light, with anybody, Try kicking it with all your might, Echo we are, echoing under.”

‘Under The Skin’ gradually builds up tension throughout the song as Gengahr expertly create a bloodthirsty sense of atmosphere that grips the listener into the palms of the band for this thrilling six-minute mini-drama that plays out throughout the track.