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(Credit: Jay Whitehead)


Gengahr announce new EP 'Sanctuary Rework'


Gengahr are following the release of their third studio album, Sanctuary, with a special reworking with a number of different collaborations.

The album, which was released last year, has been touched up by the band as part of their new EP Sanctuary Rework. The new project features a number of collaborations featuring Let’s Eat Grandma, sir Was, LYAM, and M.T. Hadley. “Making this EP was like nothing we had ever done before as a band,” band member Felix told DIY.

“We invited some of our favourite artists and friends to reimagine songs off of the album and gave them free reign to push them in whichever direction they wanted,” he added. “Each track has taken on a completely different life and it’s been amazing to see the different ways in which each artist has developed the songs and incorporated their own identities within the music.”

“Around the time Covid was at its peak I had a lot of time to study my craft in production, which was kinda heaven sent as I had a lot on my plate alongside my album so being at home for like a month or two straight allowed me to just knuckle down,” LYAM added.

“I’ve always admired the grind of a producer and have always understood their importance is as much as the artist’s; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed a producer not get what is rightfully deserved. So what you hear now is, in fact, my first piece of production outside of my world making stuff just for me and into another, reimagining Gengahr’s Never A Low with a ‘loveyouinthemorning’ morning rendition. I wanted to bring energy and fire to this rework as the world is clearly in need of some light right now.”

Stream, below.