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(Credit: Beatrice Helman)


Gemma Laurence offers up a dose of reminiscence with ‘Lavender’

Gemma Laurence - 'Lavender'

Gemma Laurence walks you down memory lane and braces all the potholes therein with her simultaneously haunting and comforting new single ‘Lavender’. With a bittersweet melody that matches the trials and triumphs of the song’s theme, the track is like a shower on a summer’s day.

Taken as the title track from her forthcoming record, this “anthem for the queer community” is dripping with a sense of careworn sincerity. As Laurence told us herself: “I’m so incredibly excited to share this track with the world, along with the album announcement and the label deal! So excited to be joining the Better Company Records family, and what a way to kick it off than with my fave song on the album, ‘Lavender’!”

Continuing: “This track is particularly close to my heart. I wrote it for my best friend, so it’s a song honouring her, but it’s also a song for everyone — it’s a song about embracing who you are, whoever you are, and loving yourself.”

The song might touch upon “dysphoria, trauma, and the challenges of coming out, but it’s also a song about embracing queerness and celebrating it.” That notion of the track being a gift to a friend is a palpable one. Like a lot of conversations with close friends, it’s uncompromisingly personal without ever being blunt or racing too far away from a smile. 

In a musical sense, it sticks to the same hymns sheet. There are bumps in the bassline as harsh realities are brought up, but the sweetness of sanguine solidarity quickly whisks these up with a blossoming flower of flowing plucked half notes. Akin to the work of Haley Heynderickx, this otherwise unseemly musical contour is smoothed out with a sumptuous sense of melody. 

Having already starred on Jimmy Fallon, the forthcoming album can only gain traction with further singles like this one ahead before Lavender’s release in November. You can check out the single below. 

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