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Credit: Florian Koppe


Future Islands release new track 'King of Sweden'

Future Islands - 'King of Sweden'

American electronic rockers Future Islands have returned with a brand new single, the driving and highly danceable ‘King of Sweden’.

For anyone not familiar with Future Islands and their unique blend of rock, dance, disco, and electronica, ‘King of Sweden’ will be the perfect introduction. That’s because everything that makes the Baltimore band great is here: pounding rhythms, explosive choruses, obscure lyrics, endless washes of keyboards and pulsating synths, and some wild vocals melodies floating over the top as well.

Vocalist Samuel Herring is at his best when he sounds like he’s on the verge of getting completely unravelled, and by the end of ‘King of Sweden’, Herring sounds like he’s about to explode. It’s a great trick that gets employed frequently in the band: start low and soft, and keep building it feels like things can’t get any bigger. If the major impact isn’t major enough, they simply go larger and louder until it’s almost deafening.

But Future Islands never lose sight of the earworms or the driving rock and roll at their core. This is a dance band for people who can’t dance, and they’re also a rock band for people who don’t like rock music. Future Islands is a rare band that can be anything to everyone, while still retaining their signature sound. They’ve got it all figured it out, and as long as they keep dropping jams as potent and catchy as ‘King of Sweden’, they can’t lose.

There’s no real rush for the group to come storming back this way: their 2020 album As Long as You Are was phenomenal, and they kept us satisfied with the 2021 single ‘Peach’. Future Islands typically work in three-year album cycles, meaning we’re still likely a year away from another full-length release from the band. That’s OK because tracks like ‘King of Sweden’ remind us why they’re always a band worth returning to.

Check out the audio for ‘King of Sweden’ down below.