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Credit: Florian Koppe


Future Islands share intimate new single 'Moonlight'

Future Islands - 'Moonlight'

The Baltimore band Future Islands have shared a new single by the name of ‘Moonlight’, delivering an intimate and tender track. The group are just weeks away from releasing As Long As You Are, one of the most anticipated albums of the year but they’ve still found time to share this new piece.

The band’s first two singles from the album, ‘For Sure’ and ‘Thrill’ confirmed the band’s return and now the third single is another example of Future Islands’ their unique qualities. The single release also comes alongside news of the group’s one and only live performance of 2020, ‘A Stream of You and Me’.

It’s easy to hear the new wave and post-punk threads that run through this particular tapestry from Baltimore’s finest. The bassline is front and centre of the track, leading us all through, but it’s the perfectly placed synth patterns which add colour and texture to the song.

The sparse mechanics of the track, industrial and sparking as they largely are, could end up feeling cold and heartless if they weren’t married with the delicate vocal performance of Samuel T. Herring. Luckily, they are and the song is lifted because of it. Lyrically, the song is stark too.

As Herring sings “here’s our chance to make it/ Make this into something more,” there is something arresting about his tone. It flirts between delicacy, potency and vulnerability, tenderly asking his love not to break his heart, “It’s all I ask, nothing more,” he sings.

Considering the song’s subject matter, it’s easy to see how the track is aligned with the vision. According to a statement, for Herring, the song was “about love in a depressive state. It’s about recognising the holes in ourselves and recognizing the circular whole of others.” Herring also said the track was about “acceptance because that’s what love allows us all”.

The song is a little flimsy in places but that may have been a deliberate move for Herring to showcase the precarious situation love always is. Either way, the song will likely confirm for fans that As Long As You Are is going to be the band’s best yet, while it won’t necessarily grab the attention of many others.

We’ll still be waiting to cop the LP when it lands on October 9th via 4AD. On that day, the band will also provide their only live show of the year, a ticketed livestream event called ‘A Stream of You and Me’ with tickets available here.

For now, listen to ‘Moonlight’ below.