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(Credit: Julia Nala)


FUR share 'The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life'

FUR - 'The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life'

Brighton band FUR have returned with a new zinger, ‘The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life’.

The track is the first single by the band since they penned a deal with Norwegian bedroom-pop sensation Boy Pablo’s 777 Music, who has taken them under his wing. FUR made an impression when they opened up for him on his first European tour, and now they are working alongside each other all these years later.

FUR do share indie-pop sensibilities with their label mate, but the Brighton quartets sound has a vintage twinge that provides a glistening sparkle to ‘The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life’. The track is optimistic and offers up a glowing shot of hope, all punctuated together with punchy, garage-rock riffs that make it glide along celestially.

“‘The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life’ is a documentation of mixed messages you give yourself and take from others about where you feel you should be in your life, and where you’re at,” the band’s Will Murray says about the track. “It’s about self reflection and understanding. It’s about detaching yourself from situations you’ve already been in and know the outcome of. Much like growing up, you learn not to do certain things and slowly but surely you learn that there’s a ‘fine line’ of what lifestyle becomes acceptable the older you get and also what you can hack as an adult (that maybe doesn’t feel too much like one).

“The feeling of regret and ‘how could I be so blind’ that everyone has felt in relationships that really only comes out once it’s done is something that also goes hand in hand with a mutual respect for a collapsed relationship, and that there’s no undoing of things you’ve done – it’s best to just move on and suck it up.”

There aren’t too many acts around borrowing from the old-school and giving it a facelift in the same way as FUR exquisitely do on ‘The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life’. There’s a familiarity to it, but the Brighton band get the delicate balance inch-perfect between harking back to the past and acting innovatively.

Stream the song, below.