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Credit: Tore Saetre


Boy Pablo shares new single ‘Leave Me Alone’

Boy Pablo - 'Leave Me Alone'

Boy Pablo has shared his brand new single ‘Leave Me Alone’ which arrives as a slice of dystopian pop from the Norwegian sensation.

The bedroom pop poster boy, who made his big break in 2017 when his track ‘Everytime’ went viral on YouTube, saw his creation receive millions of views on the platform within just a few weeks of it being uploaded. On ‘Leave Me Alone’ however, Pablo has swapped the bedroom production value which won him an army of fans over the world for higher production and overall has a lacklustre feel to it.

Lyrically ‘Leave Me Alone’ is deliberately goofy and childlike, “‘Cause I just wanna dance and be in the zone
Eat some candy, just leave me alone,” he sings. The song, admittedly, doesn’t have the same sense of sincerity as his breakthrough single and, in truth, feels slightly empty.

“[It’s] actually one of the first songs I’ve written on tour,” he says on the track. “I wrote the demo in Montreal with Esteban last year. The song is based on a feeling I remember from when I was a little kid. I was at a birthday party and I was having so much fun, and then my parents say that we had to go home, completely out of nowhere.

“I was so disappointed and grumpy the rest of the night. I finished the song in the studio where I produced it with Esteban and Erik It was one of the fun songs to record,” Pablo added.

‘Leave Me Alone’ may not be Pablo’s finest hour and you can understand why given that it is the fourth single to be taken from the record, but his knack of making a catchy tune still shines through thanks to another one of his specialist hooks.