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Credit: Tore Saetre


Boy Pablo has shared two new songs following a recent listening party


Boy Pablo, the Norwegian bedroom pop maestro who made his name on the internet before anything else has shared two brand new songs to get your weekend started properly.

The new songs ‘Hey Girl’ and ‘I Just Wanna Go Home’ were shared after Pablo hosted an online listening party for the release of the single.

Of the new song ‘Hey Girl’, Pablo took to Twitter saying “damn it’s really out now”. The song is a masterclass of bedroom pop and sees the singer-songwriter earning his reputation.

Delicate and light, ‘Hey Girl’ is a perfect accompaniment to the impending sunny weather and sees Pablo finds his groove almost instantly. It’s a song that feels pointedly aimed at the summer ahead.

As well as the single, Pablo also shared the track ‘I Just Wanna Go Home’ which, despite enjoying feature vocals from Andrea, is another quintessential Pablo song.

The artist may well have found fame in the forums of the internet, spending much of his time being compared to Mac DeMarco. But with the latest releases, Pablo is proving he’s a serious talent in his own right.

Listen to ‘Hey Girl’ and ‘I Just Don’t Wanna Go Out’ below.